The Enabling State Challenge

What is it about?

The Enabling State Challenge  is about showcasing and celebrating examples of good enabling approaches in action.

Five prizes of £5,000 each will be awarded to exemplary initiatives that demonstrate how to give communities and individuals greater control in a way that improves wellbeing. From these five winners one will be selected as an overall winner and will receive an additional £5,000 prize.


Why are we doing it?

Since 2012 the Trust’s Enabling State programme has been exploring moves toward more flexible and responsive ‘enabling’ services and programmes that place citizen and community rather than provider interests first.

We have seen a growing awareness amongst policymakers and practitioners of the limitations of traditional ‘top down’ service design but also a gap between rhetoric and reality. We want to narrow this gap and support a successful shift toward more effective enabling approaches in policy and practice.

We believe our Enabling State Challange can start to do this by bringing together and celebrating examples of good  enabling approaches in practice in the public, third and private sector, but we need your help to do it! We need you to tell us about your work and the good things you are doing so that together we can create a sea change where an enabling approach is the new normal!

Want to get involved?

For more information about the Enabling State Challenge, including eligibility criteria, selection process please click here.

Please note the deadline for entries was Friday 26th June – we are no longer accepting entries to the Challenge.


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